Magento Development

Magento Development & Customization Services


Magento is a living, breathing, open-source platform that has seen consistent growth since its inception in 2008. The circle of Magento developers continues to widen, and that in turn spurs fresh ideas on everything from add-ons and extensions to customization and advances in SEO techniques. This isn’t just good news for Magento, it’s good news for you. By taking advantage of Magento, you’re harnessing the power of one of the most innovative segments of eCommerce design and development.


Fowara offers several different types of Magento development services.


For an online store, every millisecond matters. Consumers don't trust slow sites - if they have a choice, they will move on to another store. Google also penalizes websites for slow load time in Google Rankings.

If you are tired of slow Magento sites and ready to optimize your website for better page load time, Fowara has the solution. We have optimized many Magento sites with great results. Please keep in mind that sometimes some sacrifices must be made to achieve the best performance. For example, excessive graphics, JavaScript, or external calls may need to be removed.

We can audit your site and provide an estimated load time achievable along with a plan of action.


Magento comes with a wide variety of features, but it would be impossible to cover every unique functionality an online business might need – and that’s where we come in. We can develop custom extensions to accomplish the specific functions you want for your website. For example, we have developed custom search extensions for added search functionality and more accurate search results, registry extensions to allow customers to register wish lists (as in a wedding registry),  color swatch extensions so users can choose between different colors of a product, and numerous others. If you can imagine it, we can probably implement it!


Today’s eCommerce store has to interface with multiple external entities – shipping stations, accounting software, and so on. It can be inefficient and bothersome to manually transfer information between the different parts of the business, so Fowara offers integration services to automate this process. We have implanted integrations with QuickBook, ListTrak, Shipworks, and many others.

We also offer integration with larger sales platforms. For example, if you want to make your products available on eBay, Amazon, or Google Shopping, we can implement product feeds and automate inventory updates across your platforms. These larger platforms can be a great way to attract a larger consumer base.