Magento Deisgn

Magento Deisgn

Magento Design

Why Magento?

In eCommerce, design drives sales. Effective design is all about the consumer experience—how responsive the website is, how easy it is to navigate, and how well it meshes with your company brand. When it comes to eCommerce design, no platform does it better than MagentoMagento sites are clean, streamlined and command attention. As a strictly eCommerce solutionMagento knows how to drive sales, and that's why more people choose Magento for eCommerce than any other platform in the world.


With some time and a bit of patience, anyone can design a good-looking site with Magento. Our clients know this, yet they consistently use Fowara for their design needs. This is because Fowara goes beyond just appearance to tackle sales and consumer conversions, SEOtechniques, online marketing, and company branding. We study your industry, your competitors and, more importantly, your company.

We offer several design services:

Custom Theme Design & Development

The look of your web store is central to your branding, so it's important that the design of your site reflect the brand image you want to project. While there are plenty of ready-made Magento themes available, using such a theme restricts your design choices and may force you to compromise on the aesthetic you are trying to achieve.

At Fowara, we know how valuable the right design is, so we develop custom themes from scratch, tailored to meet your needs. Our powerful branding techniques and extensive research on your company form the foundation of a look that will speak to you – and your customers.

As important as branding is, though, our custom themes aren't just about aesthetics. We factor in Search Engine Optimization, user experience, and eCommerce techniques to build an effective sales platform. Our themes don't just sell your brand – they sell your product.


If you already have a poorly designed website but are uncertain about how to fix its image, our rebranding services are for you. We've had great success with our previous rebranding projects – in some cases quintupling sales within the first two weeks of the new design's implementation. If you've already been burned once with poor design, rest assured that you are now in capable hands.

As you've realized, good design requires significant groundwork, and we at Fowara are prepared to do all the research and testing to make sure your new design is the effective marketing tool a good design should be. When we rebrand a website, we don't just make it look nicer – we implement powerful SEO strategies, well tested marketing principles, and industry research.

Theme Customization

If you've found a Magento theme that more or less projects the image you're looking for, theme customization is for you. With our theme customization services, we will make the crucial tweaks on a ready-made theme to make sure your site has a unique design that speaks to your brand. Just let us know what adjustments you want made and we'll implement them for you!

Responsive Design

If your site has a clunky design that doesn't accommodate mobile viewing, you may be doing your business a serious disservice. The mobile market is growing rapidly, but mobile users are easily turned off by websites that don't display well on their phones or tablets. The answer is responsive design – a set of principles that can be applied to any website to ensure that it displays well on mobile devices.

Luckily, we at Fowara are responsive design experts. With years of experience redesigning and adjusting websites to retain mobile users, we have the expertise necessary to help you take advantage of this growing market. Don't let poor design cost you such a valuable consumer base!