Magento Services

Fowara offers a variety of Magento services to help you with every facet of building an effective web store on this platform. We offer design services to give your site a sleek look and a seamless customer experience. We offer development services to give your store customized features and optimal performance. We offer marketing services to give your company the consumer base it deserves. We even offer training services to give your staff the skills to run a successful Magento web store. All of these services are backed by our nonstop support plans.


Because of our extensive offerings and the Magento expertise we bring to each aspect of our projects, many of our customers choose to use our services for the full development and maintenance of their websites. A typical project process looks a little like this:

Requirements Gathering

First, we research your product and work with you to determine what features your website will need. Based on this, we formalize the project requirements

Design & Prototyping

With the requirements in hand, we design a site that is true to your brand and easy for customers to use. With your feedback, we finalize a prototype.

Site Development

From the prototype, we work in Magento to develop a complete website with all the innovative features you need to run a successful online store.

Testing & Debugging

After we set up the site and all its features, it's time to test its functionality and fix any issues discovered. We then repeat the testing and bug fixing until the the product is production ready.

Project Launch

Once the site is fully functioning, it goes live! The product launch is a big step, but it's far from the end - this is just the beginning of developing a truly successful web store.

Maintenance & Improvement

No website is perfect, but we’ll get yours close with ongoing support and development. This continuous improvement is the heart of successful eCommerce.

Customized Services

Already have an online store but looking to improve it? Fowara can help! In fact, many of our clients come to us after poor experiences with other developers. To accommodate their needs, all of our services are also available on an individual basis. Whether you need help with re-branding or Google AdWords marketing or inventory integration, Fowara has the expertise to make your website the eCommerce success you know it can be. Explore our services tab for more details about specific services.