Audit your store security with Magento Security Scan Tool
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Audit your store security with Magento Security Scan Tool

Monitor your sites for security risks, update malware patches, and detect unauthorized access with Magento Security Scan, the latest FREE tool from Magento Commerce. In order to scan the site you will have follow few easy steps

  1. If you do not have account with Magento then you will have to create one and login to site.
  2.  Visit https://account.magento.com/scanner/ and and click on Add Site:
  3.  Next step will be to verify your site. You have to provide site url and site name.  You can then generate a code and have to insert the confirmation code as HTML Comment or a META Tag.
  4.  Set up SSH Scan will be available soon and is optional you can skip this part. Then just select you scan preference and provide email address and you are good to.
  5. Once the scan is complete you will receive an email with report. Based on your report you need to take additional steps.
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